A Little Bit About The Artist

Born and raised in Kincardine, Ontario, Joanna is an artist. From a young age, Joanna displayed a natural talent for creating art and a deep desire to cultivate and master that talent. Growing up, she spent all of her free time drawing, painting, singing and playing the piano. Encouraged by her parents to explore her creativity, she ventured into projects such as: portraitures, outdoor murals, and artistic decor.

Upon graduating from high school, Joanna had already accrued many hours of experience with a variety of media and been accepted into McMaster University, to study Fine Arts. During her 4 years at McMaster, she developed a dual passion for art and education and decided to pursue a bachelors degree in Education at Queens University.

Throughout her years of creating, Joanna has developed a reservoir of inspiration from such artists as: Andrew Wyeth, Georgia O’Keeffe, the Group of Seven, Pierre-Auguste Renoir, and Frank Lloyd Wright, to name a few. She enjoys working in a variety of mediums, but specializes in painting and drawing.

“Just like someone who journals, my art expresses the state of mind and situations being dealt with during a specific time. Art is historical, personal and always changing. Quite often, the final product turns out differently than I originally expected or had anticipated. As I reflect on this, whether the piece is a success or not in my eyes, I choose to celebrate the process.”

Joanna named the Kenneth Collection after her father, who wrote a timely letter of blessing to her, prior to his passing, praising the Lord for her artistic gifting. So in all things, she gives thanks and honour to her Heavenly Father, who continues to reveal His great love, mercy and power. Joanna feels privileged to communicate His limitless beauty within her art (1 Cor. 10:31, John 10:10, Galatians 1:16 and Hebrews 12:2).



We purchased a painting from Joanna titled "Marigolds." She used such vibrant colours and the finished piece is a beautiful garden of mixed marigolds. We've enjoyed seeing other pieces she has created and know she puts her heart and soul into every one. She is a very talented artist.

Peter & Ruth

It's a privilege to own one of Joanna's original paintings. It serves to be a focal point in our dinning room and we are continually receiving complements on it. Thank you Joanna!

Michael & Amy

I'm privileged to have a piece of Joanna's art in my home. It is a beautiful focal point in my dining room and every time I walk through the room it brings me great delight.

David & Elaine

We've enjoyed a few pieces of Joanna's artwork for quite sometime now. She painted a custom piece of art for our living room that incorporated exactly the splash of color we were wanting for that room. Very professionally done ! We just LOVE IT !!

Ken & Norma

I was fortunate enough to see art by Joanna Aplin when I entered a studio in Owen Sound and was instantly captivated by her work. Joanna's pieces of art that my wife and I own are instant conversation pieces as they are all inspirational as well as dynamically beautiful. We feel privileged to have her art dawn the walls of our offices and home.

CJ & Heather