An Open Heaven



Acrylic on Canvas
102.5cm x 66cm
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Kenneth Collection

An Open Heaven Through The Blood Of Jesus Christ

Surprisingly, I woke up one morning, just needing to paint! With no ‘studio’ at the time, I laid my canvas on the living room floor and got to work! It was the ugliest thing halfway through (which is usually the case with many of my paintings :/) So I prayed and asked the Lord to help me. I remember my thoughts at that time … “this is so unprofessional! What artist works on the floor with kids buzzing around, continually asking for juice and snacks!!” I was clearly frustrated and having a pity party, yet I had such a fire in me to paint! Hours later and the piece came ‘round. It needed no tweaking … I was mesmerized. I would glance at it from time to time, and many truths from God’s Word would speak to me. Here they are:
It is the blood which opens the way into the presence of God … it is a way to life, not a way to death … I am covered by the blood of Jesus Christ my Lord and Saviour … Whom shall I fear? … For death has lost its sting … I am forever His and He is mine … no greater love than this … He laid down His life for the church … Rise up Church … it is time to take hold of the land … lay hands on people … speak of Me … may the Spirit pour out like a geyser over the land … God with us! Emmanuel! … Feast on Me and I will show you the way, the Truth and the Life … I will give revelation and you will be fruitful because of my goodness, grace and mercy … I am the increase … I prune out of love for you … it grows perseverance and wisdom of Me and I want my Son to be glorified … this is happening now … I am doing a good work … encourage one another to seek Me first … you are covered by the blood of Jesus … this is a great inheritance and posture … do not tire of your experiences … I place them there for you to see Me … do I not love you with an everlasting love? … my Word does not go void … it all lines up and nothing will fall short … I am a gracious Father that places a banner over you that says, LOVE! … the world will know you are mine by knowing this Love … so practice it … be diligent and pursue Me … I promise to do a good work for those who are utterly for Christ Jesus and will not settle for anything else than for Jesus to be glorified in heaven and on earth … the time is marked out … that day is coming … so do not harden your heart and listen to the Spirit I have given you …


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