Acrylic on Canvas
91.5cm x 91.5cm
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Kenneth Collection


Every once in awhile, I get this urge to paint flowers. They are so intricate and delicate in their detail. Before creating this piece, I was reading the biography of Georgia O’Keeffe in preparation for an art class I was teaching to some elementary students. In her biography, she shares how people were so busy in New York City, that they were missing the beauty that was all around them. This compelled her to create countless, stunning paintings of flowers, expressing the gracious curves of each petal, and the fine variations of colour with the opening of the flower, where it all began. Nature has this ability to re-root us and stir in us a more simplistic, organic way of living. In contrast however, these flowers aren’t simple at all, they are indeed, incredible works of art! It’s like us being images bearers of Christ Jesus! All uniquely made and crafted to bring Him glory – yet simple in the fact that we did nothing to deserve it!!


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