Movement (triptych)



Mixed Media on Canvas (Acrylic Paint, Chalk Pastel & Conte)
152.5cm x 183cm ( x 3 )
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Kenneth Collection

Movement (Triptych)

This was one of my final pieces during my fourth year at McMaster University. My thesis centred on ‘human movement’ in a variety of mediums, with an introspective study on how our body parts so fluently move in such graceful unity. Using myself as a model, I would sketch out my idea, position myself while feeling the muscles and bones, all while pulling from my knowledge of physiology and anatomy. Once I had the composition, I would enter back into the piece and enhance the colour in areas where particular muscles were being worked. This part took some time, as I didn’t want to detracted from the composition, but yet still be true to my understanding. It was a real balancing act. To this very day, I love painting and drawing the human form. The anatomy is astoundingly complex and the slightest change in a line or curve can alter everything.

Side note: To get this superior detail, I spent countless hours drawing human cadavers at the McMaster University hospital – I’m surprised I survived the smell of formaldehyde!


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