Acrylic on Canvas
92cm x 92cm x 4cm
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Kenneth Collection


Every once and awhile, I get this urge to paint flowers. Since I know this of myself, I collect images, or take photos, but in this case, I purchased a bouquet of peonies, arranged them and drew different compositions. My vision for this piece was to capture the sensuality of the lines and colour of the petals through a expressionistic brushstroke. I worked on the whole composition, not section by section, which forces the attention on how each of flowers are contributing to the overall flow of the design, at the same time keeping the integrity of the flower intact. I love how the dark background not only gives you contrast, but it enhances the soft multi-tonal pinks and allows the lively gestural strokes of colour to pop. These silk flowers come to life as I imagined them in a different way. Welcome to the art of expressionism!


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