Psalms 121



Acrylic on Canvas
91.5cm x 152.5cm
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Kenneth Collection

Psalms 121

This is a large piece that I really struggled with while painting it. I had an image in mind, but while working it out, the canvas would look somewhat ‘muddy’ and ‘drab’. Basically, the exact opposite of what I was hoping to achieve from these mountains! Needless to say, there are many layers of paint on this particular piece! Leaving it for a few days, I tackled it once again, but with a different approach, similar to Pointillism. Seurat was a master at this, using no black at all, to give it the necessary ‘alive’ feeling. The Psalm reference came later, after given this work to dear friends of ours. Mountains are such a prominent visual in God’s word. A fortress, a kingdom, authority and rule, strength and faith – that ALL come from Lord! This painting definitely belongs to them.


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